We are really enjoying Bolivia! It is by far the cheapest and poorest country we have come across this summer but it has lots to see and learn about. We just finished staying with a missionary family in Santa Cruz. They have been here for 28 years doing church planting and now radio ministy. The later peaked my curiosity and I asked questions about that and Bolivia life and culture until our heads were spinning.

The Fehr's fed us well and when you see corn flakes or cinnamon buns for the first time all summer, it is something to talk about! Other memorable events in Santa Cruz were bus hopping and sitting around drinking fruit shakes. Ok so not that eventful but we did play a game one day where we split up to see who could get the best pictures of the local people. A police man got mad at Kevin for trying to pay people to take their photos. It was pretty funny.

Today we were in the nice city of Sucre. The altitude is getting pretty high and most of the day we were gasping for air. The cities around this area of the country are 3000-4000 meters above sea level. We stumbled upon some new fruit shake flavors like avocado and plantain. What a find!


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