Knox Mountain is Kelowna’s signature and easy to reach mountain, attracting locals and tourists alike. The Apex trail is the signature mountain’s signature trail. All other trails are less visited and some unmarked trails lead to the mountain’s best secrets.

View from Apex Trail
View from Apex Trail

Knox Mountain is also the starting point for other trails, for example Paul’s Tomb and Lochview Trail

Directions To Trailhead:

There are several areas for accessing Knox Mountain’s extensive trail network. The main one is at the north end of Ellis St. In season, the gate will be open and you can drive up and park at the lower crown lookout (1/3 of the way up Apex trail). All the trails at this part of Knox are well marked, such as the popular Apex trail. To skip all the fun and park near the top, drive up Clifton, right on Rio Dr South then park on Woodpark Ct.

To access the real Knox summit, park on Boynton Pl (off of Clifton as well). There is a small sign announcing Knox Mountain Park but no trail information. Head up the hill from this parking area and you will arrive at Kathleen Lake. From there, follow the sign indicating Glenmore Ridge Trail. The trail appears to end after a gentle ascension past several cairns but continue in the same direction and head for the highest point. At the end of it all is the real summit of Knox and the best views from the mountain.

Glenmore Ridge Trail
Glenmore Ridge Trail
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View from Knox's Real Summit
View from Knox’s Real Summit

Distance from downtown Kelowna to Trailhead: 5-10 minutes!
Walking time: 1-3 hours
Trail Length: 3 to 10km depending on route
Elevation gain: 250m bottom to summit
GPS: Not necessary
Easy to Keep on Trail: yes, most trails are well marked.

GPS Download: GPX | KML